We help to make your meals as straight forward and delicious as possible.

We handcraft entrees that are rooted in European tradition and enhanced by modern flavors. Each dish is crafted with passion and wholesome care. Our deli offerings range from classic cabbage rolls and quiche, to marinated steaks and super-fine salads like kale and Brussel sprouts with maple tahini dressing.

Our deli items are made to come home with you.

If you need a perfect dinner without the work, you can pair a salad with Cajun rubbed pork chops stuffed with Andouille and our wild mushroom mashed potatoes. But if you feel like mowing down on just a plate of mashed potatoes, we won’t judge. We’ve all been there… and we’ve all enjoyed it. P.S. we make gravy too!

Whether you are bringing goodness home for an intimate family meal, or olives & cheeses for an event, we make dinner easy. That’s just what you do for friends.