We help you find the perfect balance of quality and value. We want you to know that you are being treated to the very best. We are excited to offer an eclectic selection of grocery items to compliment your deli purchases.

We are discerning with the goodness that goes with our homemade meats and eats. We have found the very best mustards, pickles, olives and horseradish from around the world.

Our homemade condiments are designed to compliment our charcuterie product. If you’re firing up the grill or sautéing with panache, we offer our own spice blends for barbecue and assorted meats. We make answering the question “What’s cooking, good looking?” easy.

We are proud to offer local products such as Fiasco Gelato, Family Freezed popsicles & a full line of products from Salt Spring Kitchen-which is, admittedly, is not quite local, but certainly exceptional.

We also offer specialty spice mixes and sausage making supplies for the aspiring home sausage maker (or Salumist if you’re feeling fancy!) We love answering questions and we’re happy to be your own personal meat expert. We want you to feel at home and part of our community, so engage your curiosity and you’ll find kind folk behind the counter who know their way around a pastrami.