House Made Charcuterie

We are committed to local food and our growing community. Locally sourced meats, like Sunterra pork and Diamond 7 beef are used to make over 40 hand-made deli meats & beautiful charcuterie items.

We are delighted to satisfy curiosity and answer questions so that you can bring together a delightful meal that pleases all your senses, including your sense of community.

We elevate every meal with quality and carefully selected ingredients. Using time-honored European techniques we craft dried sausage, salami and house cured ham. These beautiful meats make inspired charcuterie boards or easy snacks to sustain your energy and satisfy your discerning inner carnivore.

Our exceptional house made cold cuts, ham, smoked turkey & pastrami add flavor and goodness to sandwiches. Our Bratwurst, Italian sausage, European wieners & smoked cheddar & chipotle smokies fill your grill & your belly, adding that certain something exceptional to your gatherings.

We are also proud to feature a line of (truly) nitrate and phosphate free products including ham, bacon, wieners & bologna. All made in house. We make you the kind of food we prepare for our families.

We think you’ll agree, that food made with passion and century old technique is simply better and simply better for you.